Rating Title Creator Tags Status
56 customizable user groups (between member and mod) gerdami group-permissions member-groups members
37 Easier registration for new members of my site pieterh members _done
18 unlimited members of my free private wikis pieterh members private _rejected
12 I wish that adding someone as a contact would notify them, and suggest that they add me back leiger contacts members notification social _accepted
11 Member count Brunhilda count members
9 Better ListUsers Module Rejekyll listusers members
9 Allow site members to create a page in a private category, but only for the page creator to view it later leiger categories members private
9 Ban users from following your site lunaproject ban members
8 customizable user groups (between member and mod) 2 Brunhilda groups members
8 email on application Rasky members _done
8 a "Trusted Users" category between normal members and mods pieterh members _rejected
7 Allow site members to create a page in a private category, but only moderators and admins to view it later leiger categories members private
7 an option whether to send a notification to the members or not when saving changes (a check box next to the "save" -button) jjs members notification _done
5 Go to sites that you've just joined leiger account invitations members notification
5 Ability to cancel a site invitation leiger admin members
5 automatic expiry of administratorship / moderatorship / membership gerdami members
5 An option to redirect users to a specific page after they have become a site member (e.g. a "thank you" page) leiger members redirect _done
5 a kind of 'what is so-and-so doing?' stalking option pieterh members notification _rejected
4 select several members at once, then remove amcaetano members remove select
4 Easy way for people to leave a site leiger members sites
4 I wish as admin I could assign passwords to different pages, then I could let certain people have access to certain pages greenwriting admin members
4 Specific Message only to all watchers - a mass Emailing Version Helmut_pdorf members notification watch
4 New sites should use the Join module leiger members sites _done
3 Contributor Visualization Module Venryx activity members
3 The ability to leave publicly-visible feedback about users leiger feedback members
3 Notify about new member applications via e-mail. Helmut_pdorf members notification
3 Change the "Welcome page for new members" based on which user it is leiger listusers members
3 Restrict moderators to having rights over certain categories leiger admin categories members _rejected
3 a way to recruit people who post comments as members of my site pieterh members _rejected
2 Per-page profiles: Tags for moderators/admins leiger members profile
2 Listing ALL invitations and cancelling pending invitations? Stuart Billington admin invitations members
2 An "invite to this site" link in the popup user profile leiger members popups
2 List of non-moderator/admin members Stuart Billington admin members
2 ban user without removing from members list rhombus p ban members _rejected
1 Member Profiles - Better Visibility Black Belt Wiki members profile
1 Ad visibility option for subscribers WikiWealth ads members
1 I wish that... Matt Gentile members _rejected
1 ability to create groups of members sharing a private category acaetano members private _rejected
1 Allow for custom-defined user group with per-group access control irinar members _rejected

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