Rating Title Creator Tags Status
54 Private categories in our public wikis pieterh categories _done
24 Delete an entire category tsangk categories delete pages
16 more categories for tag clouds Brunhilda categories tagcloud tags
15 ListPages select a group of names, tags, categories Helmut_pdorf categories listpages tags
12 view permissions for "page creator" GoVegan categories permissions _done
11 Per-category permissions (e.g. per-category moderators) !! leiger admin categories permissions sitemanager
10 Add meta tag to a category leiger categories metatags
9 Allow site members to create a page in a private category, but only for the page creator to view it later leiger categories members private
9 a NewPage module without input box for autonumbered categories (user deleted) categories newpage _done
7 "category=" filter for PageTree Morvandium categories pagetree
7 Allow site members to create a page in a private category, but only moderators and admins to view it later leiger categories members private
7 Ability to recompile a category, from site manager leiger categories
4 Private forum categories Stuart Billington categories forum private _rejected
4 ListCategories module scottplan categories _rejected
3 Ability to hide a category within a forum. AnthonyT3 categories forum
3 Restrict moderators to having rights over certain categories leiger admin categories members _rejected
3 ability to disable css module for sites and categories Ss_Sins_Insight categories css _rejected
3 an Auto-Delete module for specified cat. pages to imit them Helmut_pdorf categories _rejected
2 I wish we can duplicate an entire category for testing purposes... Matt Gentile categories clone
2 Hard Code Search Engine Filters WikiWealth categories search
1 categories within categories (user deleted) categories nesting _rejected

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account activity addthis admin admin-tool admin_tool ads adsense advertising anonymous api appendline archive attachments attributes author autocomplete auto-login autonumbering autosave auto-suggest backlinks backup ban bibliography blockquote browser buttons calculations cascading categories category changes chat chess chessdiagram child clone code combobox comments community conditional contact-groups contacts container content convert count created-at csi css csv custom custom-domain dashboard data-form dataform data-forms date delegate delete development display div documentation draft drafts easy-implementation edit editor educational email error excel export facebook features feedback feedback-site files flickr folder fontawesome footer footnotes formatting forum ftw fullname gallery google group-permissions groups help hidden-page-discussions hide highlighting history hotlinking html html5 icon icons id if iframes images import include includes invitations ip javascript join jquery jump karma keyboard language latex license lightbox line links listbox listdrafts listpages lists listusers llistpages login mailform mailing markup member-groups members messages metadata metatags mime mobile module monetizing music navigation nesting newline newpage newsletter non-existent notification number numbering openid order orphaned other page pagepath pages pages.select pagetree pagination paragraph parent password paypal pbuttons pdf permissions perpage plans pm popups post prependline preview print private profile publish quickie random range rating redirect regex remove right-to-left robots rss save schedule screenshots scroll search sections select selector seo shell site sitemanager sitemap sitemaps site-name sites snippets social sort spam speed statistics sticky stylesheet suggestion summaryfield support syntax tables tabs tagcloud tags template templates thread thumbnails title toggle tool tooltips twitter ui updated_at usability user users variables visibility walkthrough wanted wantedpages watch wiki-field wiki-syntax wishes word wysiwyg